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Please bless us with Android version too

I just downloaded it and i can't get it to open on my mac even after i have allowed the file to be opened on my Security & Privacy settings

Hi! I saw this game in the YouTube and I think it really is interesting. Do you plan on doing a android version of it?


Quick question - I've gotten all the good endings with each guy (where each says they 'love' the manager), and correctly guess the quiz questions in the extra route, but for some reason I only ever get a 'worst' ending for that route, no matter what order I choose the guys in. What am I doing wrong and how do I possibly get an ending where the guys don't hate me in that route (or is it impossible?)? :/

hey! it actually IS possible, but the "worst" ending only comes when you get a single question wrong in the quiz! but, to be fair, this game is approaching 3 years old, so some of those answers are wrong by this point ^^;;

i made a guide with full answers for all the routes and added them to the files available for download! let me know if there's anything else i can do!


Hey thanks! :)

Love the game by the way - pretty fun and the illustrations are adorable! The only thing that would make it better is if it was a full length game, and you could become their manager with.. ahem.. "extra benefits" (if you know what I mean). Kick that rating up a notch! lol ;D


I know nothing about wwe, but this was still a fun game, even if I could only ever finish the last route with google's help. It was still enjoyable, everyone had really cute smiles and I liked how the game gave you cues on wether your got the right choice.


I know absolutely nothing about wrestling, but kind of want to watch it now. The plot is short, but sweet and pretty realistic. I enjoyed your writting a lot! 


The plot wasn't too long or too short.
And everything between the manager and her wrestler was quite believable except for the pink sparkly background with Dean XD (only played his his route so far)

Thought this game of mostly humour, but it was nicely done. I'm good with this except for the swearing.

Thanks for the game =D

Hello! How to contact your team by email about this game? :)